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Summary - Off Island

Summary - Off Island - Paul Burkhart Off Island by Michael...

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Paul Burkhart Off Island by Michael Parker Plot – Exposition: We are introduced to the last three remaining inhabitants of an island in the outer banks. Rising Action: We find out these people are some of the last people still to speak primitive English and they are studied yearly because of it. We then find out that Henry’s wife, Sarah, died a few years back, and that was the biggest turning point in Henry’s life. He now just stays on the island, thinking of her, and talking to her memory in the darkness. Eventually, he decides one night to pack some stuff and go on a walk on the island. Turning Point: When Henry discusses “what change is” to himself and whether he should leave the island. Falling Action: When Henry imagines the results of his leaving and hoe people would act at his funeral. Character – Henry wants to be happy with his life as it is without his one true love, Sarah. The two sisters want to be successful without doing any work. They are self-pleasers by
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