Recognizing our awareness of assumptions

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Unformatted text preview: own value systems, potential stereotyping, and any traces of prejudice 3 What is Multicultural Competence? Recognizing our ___________________ Awareness of assumptions, biases, and values Manifested in our willingness to: – seek __________________ – seek __________________ – make _________________ Develop culturally appropriate, relevant, Examining Common Assumptions We make assumptions that everyone will have the same expectations when it comes to: – Self d - isclosure – Assertiveness – Self a - ctualization – Trusting relationships – Nonverbal behavior – Family Multiculturalism and Mental Health In general, people differ in: – Their ___________________________ (physical/emotional) – What they label as a _____________ – Their beliefs about the cause of their illness – Their ________________________ (counselors, physicians, etc) – What treatment they desire or expect 4 Guidelines for Addressing Sexual Orientation Be open to _____________________ Become c...
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