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Unformatted text preview: st greater risk MHS 6702 5 Hagedorn SLAP • • • • S ___________________________ L ___________________________ A ___________________________ P ___________________________ SLAP • ___________________________ – How specific are the details of the client’s is suicide plan? • ___________________________ – How lethal is the plan? – What is the likelihood of being successful? SLAP • ___________________________ – Does the client have the necessary means to end his/her life? – Do the means have to be acquired at some future date? • ___________________________ – Are rescuers close in proximity? – Does the client have caring people in his/her life? MHS 6702 6 Hagedorn Alternatives to Breaching Confidentiality • Ask client to check into a hospital • Increase the number of sessions • Ask if you can tell a third party to rid the house of guns, drugs, etc. • ___________________________ • Communicate caring and concern Protecting Children from Harm Sticking up for those that cannot stick up for themselves… When Must I Report Abuse? • If a child discloses they are being ________________ • If an adult reveals in therapy they are abusing or have abused a child • Florida criteria for mandatory abuse reporting: – There is reasonable cause to suspect that a ____________ (less than 18 years old) – who can be ___________________, or is temporarily out of the state but expected to return in the immediate future, – has been ________________ or is believed to be _____________________________ – from a person _________________________ of the child. MHS 6702 7 Hagedorn Reporting Abuse • Florida Abuse Hotline • ________________________ (800-962-2873) • http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/abuse/ Information Needed • Victim name, location, age, race and gender • Physical, mental, or behavioral issues indicating disability • Signs or indications of ___________________ (physical description) • Relationship of the alleged perpetrator to the victim • Your name and means to contact • How frequently does the abuse, abandonment and/or neglect occur and _________________ ___________________ (prior to this incident). Odds and Ends… • Anonymous reports • Professional reports • _________________________________, except if child is now an adult • Some say that it is good to report as the perpetrator may have current access to children • Perpetrators may not come for treatment • Let the limits be known – the...
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