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Unformatted text preview: y decide ___________ _______________________ MHS 6702 8 Hagedorn Ethical Guidelines for Working with HIV+ Clients General Recommendations • Limits to confidentiality should be discussed • Keep current with regard to relevant medical information • ____________________________________ • If a client’s HIV status is an issue: – _______________________ their status to others – Be aware of _________________ regarding your professional interactions with HIV-positive clients – Consult with colleagues and/or an attorney Disclosing a Client’s HIV Status • Breaching confidentiality is warranted when: – Sufficient factual grounds for high risk of harm to an _______________________________ – There is _____________________________ the third party in the immediate future – _______________________________________ unless counselor makes disclosure – Third party cannot ______________________________ to foresee or comprehend high risk of harm to self • Ascertain that the client has not already informed the third party about his or her disease MHS 6702 9 Hagedorn What can happen if you break confidentiality unprofessionally… • Open to legal and ethical sanctions – Expulsion from professional organization – Loss of certification – ________________________ – Malpractice suits Liability for Civil Damages When Practitioners Neglect Duty by: • Failing to _________ or predict dangerousness • Failing to _________ potential victims of violent behavior • Failing to _________ dangerous individuals • Prematurely _________ dangerous clients from a hospital MHS 6702 10...
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