Chapter 4 Study Focus Questions

Chapter 4 Study Focus Questions - Paul Burkhart Study Focus...

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Paul Burkhart Study Focus Questions 1. Do our attitudes determine our behavior? Though studies strongly suggest that our attitudes strongly impact our behavior, attitudes are not accurate predictors of actions. Also, changing one’s attitudes generally does little to change their behavior. This is because both our expressions of attitudes and behaviors are subject to many different influences. There are certain conditions under which our attitudes will in fact predict our behavior, though. First, if the “other influences” talked about above are minimized in some way. Secondly, if the attitude corresponds closely to the behavior predicted. Lastly, if the attitude is “potent” meaning something reminds us of it or because we gained it through direct experience. It is under these conditions that the connection exists between what we think and feel and what we do. 2. Does behavior determine attitudes? In a word, yes. There is actually more direct evidence of this phenomena than the phenomena of your attitudes affecting your behavior. We see this in many psychological phenomena such as role-playing, believing what is simply said, the foot-in-the-door phenomena, evil acts and their associated attitudes, interracial behavior and racial attitudes, and social movements in history. 3. What effect does role-playing have on our attitudes? A role is a set of norms that defines how people in a given social position ought to behave. As you are exposed to a new role, you naturally feel uncomfortable, but as your behavior begins to conform to the role, your attitude towards it changes in response to
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Chapter 4 Study Focus Questions - Paul Burkhart Study Focus...

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