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Control engineering practice camacho e f and c bordons

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Unformatted text preview: ol of nonlinear time-varying systems. IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control 43(7), 1030{1036. Declercq, F. R.M.C. De Keyser (1999). Suboptimal nonlinear predictive controllers. Int. J. Appl. Math. and Comp. Sci 9(1), 129{148. Doyle, F.J., et al (1995). Nonlinear model-based control using second-order volterra models.. In: Automatica. Vol. 31. pp. 697{714. El Ghoumari, M. Y. (1998). Control predictivo no lineal de un robot de tres grados de libertad. Master's thesis. Departament d'Informatica. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. (In Spanish). BIBLIOGRAFIA 169 Fontes, F.A.C.C., Richard B.V. (2001). A general framework to design stabilizing nonlinear model predictive controllers. Systems and Control Letters 42, 127{143. Friedland, B. (1996). Advanced Control System Desing. Prentice Hall. Engle wood cli s, New Jersey, EEUU. Fruzzetti, K.p., Palazoglu A. Mcdonald K.A. (1997). Nonlinear predictive control using hammerstein models. Journal of Process Control 7(1), 31{ 41. Gevers, M. (1991). Connecting identi cation and robust control: a new chalenge. In: 9th IFAC Symposium on Identi cation and SystemParametr Estimation. Budapest. Henten, E.J. Van (1994). Greenhouse Climate Management: An Optimal Control Approach.. PhD thesis. Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering,Wageningen Agricultural University, The netherlands. J. Goudriaan, H.H. van Laar (1978). Calculation of daily totals of the gross co2 assimilation of leaf canopies. In: Netherlands Journal of Agriculture Science. Vol. 26. pp. 373{382. Jadbabaie, A., Yu J. Hause H. (1999). Stabilizing receding horizon control of nonlinear systems. In: American Control Conference. San Diego, USA. JM Zamarreno, P Vega (1999). Neural predictive control. application to a highly non-linear system. COMPUTERS and STRUCTURES 71(2), 149{158. Jong, T. (1990). Natural ventilation of large multi-span greenhouses.. PhD thesis. Wageningen Agricultural University, The netherlands. 170 BIBLIOGRAFIA Keerthi, S., E. Gilbert (1988). Optimal in nite-horizon laws for a general class of constrained discrete-time systems: Stability and movinghorizon aproximations.. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 57, 265{293. Kleinman, D. L. (1974). Stabilizing a discrete, constant, linear system with application to iterative methods for solving the Riccati equation. IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control 19(3), 252{254. Kuznetsov, A. G. and D. W. Clarke (1996). The performance of generalised predictive control with interval constraints. European J. Control 2, 260{277. Lee, Jay H. (2001). Industrial model predictive control. In: Lecture Notes. Georgia Institut of Technology- Schnool of Chemical Engineering. Marquart, W. (1987). Wave propagation in counter-current separation processes and its signi cance to model reduction. Automatisierungstechnik 35(4), 156{162. Matallana G.A, Montero J.I. (1995). Invernaderos dise~o, construccion y n climaizacion. Meg as, D., M. Y. El Ghoumari and J. Serrano (1999). Extended linearised predictive control: Practical...
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