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Chapter 6 Quiz

Chapter 6 Quiz - 15_’s experiment used shock therapy...

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Group 14 Herpreet Dosanjh Chapter 6 Quiz Multiple Choice (1pt each) 1) Change in behavior to accord with others is a) fitting in b) goodness of fit c) forming d) conformity 2) Acting with a direct order is a) conformity b) obedience c) compliance d) acceptance 3) Changing with both acting and believing is 4) Autokinetic Phenomenon is ________ motion. 5) There are ___________ number of things that predict conformity. True/False (1pt each) 6) A confederate in the psychological sense is a political attribute 7) In Milgram’s experiment “teachers” were more merciful to victims near them 8) Milgram’s experiment measured pain 9) Group size influences conformity 10) Conformity is the best way to deal with things
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Short Answer (1 pt each) 11) Normative influence tries to fulfill ____________’s expectations 12) Informational influence tries to fulfill ____________. 13) Reactance protects one’s __________________. 14) The “we feeling” _______________.
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Unformatted text preview: 15) _______________’s experiment used shock therapy. Essay (5 pts) 16) Assess the success and non-success of Milgram’s experiment. Explain your answer. Answers 1) d 2) b 3) c 4) c 5) d 6) f 7) t 8) f 9) t 10) f 11) others 12) reality 13) individual freedom of choice 14) cohesiveness 15) milgram’s 16) I believe that Milgram’s experiment is a total success in measuring obedience. How could Hitler’s men kill so many innocent people without his orders? It shows how people will react when they are told to continually shock a person into total torture, and surprisingly over half did. Although, I do not feel that it would be a good form of therapy/reinforcement to help a person learn something new and/or develop a certain type of temperament etc. I feel that a person would be in such dismay, fear and loathing of the experimenter and the experiment that he or she would do anything to not conform with the action desired....
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