Chapter 6 Study Focus

Chapter 6 Study Focus - Keri Suggs Group 14...

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Keri Suggs Group 14 Chapter6StudyFocus 1. Define conformity and explain the relationship between conformity and compliance. Compliance is a change in behavior or belief to accord with others. The relationship between conformity and compliance is that compliance is conformity that involves publicly acting in accord with an implied or explicit request while privately disagreeing. Thus compliance involves one conforming. 2. Name the classic conformity studies and describe one. The classic conformity studies are the Sherif’s studies of norm promotion, the Asch’s studies of group pressure, and Milgram’s obedience experiments. Sherif’s studies of norm formation used the autokinetic phenomenon. Sherif did a laboratory experiment where he tested individuals to see how far they thought the light moved. He then tested these individuals in a group to see if they are influenced by the others around them. 3. What did Milgram’s experiment reveal? Milgram’s experiment revealed to the extent to which people will obey an authority and the conditions that breed obedience. He also revealed four factors that determined obedience. These are the victim’s emotional distance, the authority’s closeness and legitimacy, whether or not the authority was institutionalized, and the liberating effects of a disobedient fellow participant. 4.
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Chapter 6 Study Focus - Keri Suggs Group 14...

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