Chapter 7 Quiz

Chapter 7 Quiz - impact. Essay (5pts) 16) Assess the...

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Herpreet Dosanjh Chapter 7 Quiz Group 14 Multiple Choice (1pt each) 1) The central route to persuasion deals with a) highways b) arguments c) reasoning d) routes 2) The peripheral route to persuasion deals with a) cues b) vision c) routes d) highways 3) A credible communicator is both expert and a) knowledgeable b) trustworthy c) happy d) persuasive 4) Attractiveness appeals to the a) boys b) girls c) sexual being d) audience 5) In the primacy effect, information being presented first has the _______ influence a) least b) most c) same as d) strangest True/False (1 pt each) 6) Recency effects are less common than primacy effects 7) Channel of communication is delivered in one way 8) Primacy and recency effects are mainly the same thing 9) Cults are isolated 10) Attitudes do not follow behavior
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Short Answer (1pt each) 11) __________ is information presented last 12) ___________ is information presented first 13) Attractiveness is most persuasive on matters of __________ preference 14) ___________ influences emotion 15) When an initially discounted message becomes effective, we have a __________
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Unformatted text preview: impact. Essay (5pts) 16) Assess the influence of attractiveness on decision making. Answers 1) b 2) a 3) b 4) d 5) b 6) t 7) f 8) f 9) t 10) f 11) recency 12) primacy 13) subjective 14) attitude 15) delayed 16) I believe attractiveness has everything to do with decision-making. For example, if a supermodel approached an ordinary looking woman in order to get the woman to buy cosmetics, the supermodel would probably have a decent chance of making a sale. The woman would unconsciously or consciously believe that with the help of the cosmetics, she could be on the path to looking somewhat like the supermodel. Suppose a horribly overweight and scarred woman was trying to sell the same cosmetic product, do you think that the woman would buy it? How often is it that we see an ugly person, or a person who looks extremely ordinary selling a product in a magazine? Not very often. A face sells....
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Chapter 7 Quiz - impact. Essay (5pts) 16) Assess the...

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