Cry Freedom quiz complete

A woods b mamphela c biko d wendy 24 you want to give

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Unformatted text preview: r Kani 23 ‘The history we read was made by white men, written by white men.’ a Woods b Mamphela c Biko d Wendy 24 ‘You want to give us a slightly better education, so we can get slightly better jobs.’ a Tenjy b Biko c Mapetla d Mamphela 20 marks Characters Choose the best answer. 11 Donald Woods originally trained as a _____. a doctor b vet c priest d lawyer 12 Steve Biko was only allowed to _____. a be with one person at a time b see his family at the church c talk to white security guards d speak to his family oxford bookworms library s tage 2 oxford 6 29 © oxford university press photocopiable M U LT I P L E - C H O I C E TEST John Briley M U LT I P L E - C H O I C E TEST Cry Freedom John Briley 25 ‘That’s the man who made the speech.’ a an informer b a police officer c Captain de Wet d Woods 26 ‘I always like to help you editors if I can.’ a Mapetla b Biko c Vorster d Kruger 27 ‘Mrs Biko has the right to see her husband’s bo...
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