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A a journalist b father kani c wendy d moses 29 you

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Unformatted text preview: dy.’ a Wendy b Kruger c a lawyer d Woods 28 ‘I like what you’ve written, but you’re playing with fire.’ a a journalist b Father Kani c Wendy d Moses 29 ‘You don’t even bother to ask me what I want to do.’ a Evalina b Mary c Woods d Wendy 30 ‘Don’t forget to go and collect the film.’ a Jane b Wendy c Woods d Duncan 40 to refuse to give in a stand up for b stand down c stand up d stand up to 20 marks Plot Choose the best answer. 41 Biko showed Woods a clinic funded by _____. a the government b white African donations c South African companies d wealthy black South Africans 42 _____ became the Daily Dispatch’s first black reporters. a Mapetla and Mamphela b Mapetla and Tenjy c Biko and Mamphela d Tenjy and Mamphela 43 At Biko’s trial, the Prosecutor insisted that _____. a all blacks were violent b Biko was demanding violence c Biko was evil d the government was demanding violence 44 When Woods refused to give the name of a witness, _____. a his paper was banned b his family were...
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