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A a police hospital over 1000 kms away b the nearest

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Unformatted text preview: threatened c Mapetla and Tenjy were arrested d Biko was banned for five more years 45 The police took the badly injured Biko to _____. a a police hospital over 1,000 kms away b the nearest hospital c a hospital in Cape Town d his home 46 Kruger said that Biko _____. a was beaten to death b was shot c was stabbed d starved himself to death 47 The crowd’s mood at Biko’s funeral was _____. a angry and sorrowful b calm and sad c aggressive d calm and proud 48 Woods became a banned person after _____. a arguing with security police b printing the pictures of Biko’s body c writing a book about Biko d fighting 49 He entered Lesotho by _____. a walking b rowing c crossing Telle Bridge d swimming 50 Wendy and the children escaped after pretending to _____. a visit Wendy’s parents b go to the beach c fly to Lesotho d go shopping 20 marks Vocabulary Choose the best answer. 31 to forbid someone by law from doing something a charge b rescue c ban d confront 32 a sudden attack made by the police or army a raid b rand c reflex d block 33 a document which allows the police to arrest someone or search a house a witness b warrant c certificate d form 34 a person employed to watch someone a carer b prosecutor c editor d minder 35 a cover, like a bag, for the head a van b custody c hood d glove 36 a box for a dead person to be buried in a cupboard b coffin c case d trunk 37 a small towel around a baby’s bottom a tissue b napkin c serviette d nappy 38 to travel by getting free rides in other people’s cars a hitch-hike b surf c coast d ramble 39 to hide a device in a house in order to listen secretly to conversations a dye b spy c bug d bless oxford bookworms library s tage 6 oxford 2 20 marks Total marks 30 © oxford university press photocopiable...
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