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A b he was mostly brought up among rich white people

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Unformatted text preview: e true (T) or false (F)? a b He was mostly brought up among rich white people. His mother died when he was seventeen. oxford bookworms library s tage 6 8 © oxford university press photocopiable Cry Freedom Setting 13 Tenjy Mtintso was a _____ when Woods met her. a nurse b doctor c journalist d photographer 14 Captain de Wet _____. a let detectives beat Biko b stopped Biko’s beating c beat Biko d admired Biko 15 _____ witnessed the police smash up the community centre. a Dilima b Woods c Biko d Mamphela 16 The police said that Mapetla _____. a had died by accident b had been killed by another prisoner c had hanged himself in his cell d had been beaten to death 17 Woods was shocked when he saw Biko’s _____ at the mortuary. a hanged body b bruised and beaten face c bruised legs d wife 18 He escaped from South Africa by disguising himself as _____. a Father Curran b Bruce McCullough c Father Kani d a guard 19 Wendy accused her husband of trying t...
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