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A for money b for a good story c to see his name in

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Unformatted text preview: o ruin their lives _____. a for money b for a good story c to see his name in print d for fun 20 Chief Jonathan helped Woods and his family by _____. a hiding them b arranging UN passports for them c selling them a plane d arranging British passports for them Choose the best answer. 1 Donald Woods, editor of the Daily Dispatch, made the _____ the main story. a possible release of Nelson Mandela b invasion of a township in Cape Town c Japanese factory d pardon of Nixon 2 The police invaded the townships to _____. a find children avoiding school b stop illegal businesses c move illegal workers out of the city d find Steve Biko and his family 3 Newspapers couldn’t print photos of _____. a police beating black people b Steve Biko c illegal workers d Mandela 4 Woods didn’t accept that _____. a blacks and whites should live in separate areas b blacks should vote c blacks should be politicians d police should be violent towards blacks 5 Mamphela Ramphele thought tha...
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