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A turned people against b made fun of c misunderstood

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Unformatted text preview: t Woods had _____ Steve Biko. a turned people against b made fun of c misunderstood d a fair opinion of 6 Woods was surprised to meet Biko in a _____. a township b church c churchyard d white town 7 Steve Biko’s wife gave Woods a _____. a cold reception b hot cup of coffee c child’s toy d warm welcome 8 The Blacks white authority called the _____. a ‘Security’ b ‘System’ c ‘Force’ d ‘Others’ 9 Woods told Biko that _____. a he should be banned b his family were good people c his ideas were dangerous d the church should be painted 10 Biko’s Black Consciousness Group wanted _____. a black people to create their own organizations b to attract liberal white South Africans c to defeat the white government d to beat white organizations 20 marks Dialogue Who said or wrote this? 21 ‘If the police pick me up, your name will be the first on my lips!’ a Ken Robertson b Steve Biko c Mapetla d Tenjy 22 ‘I know you’re not a fool, Mr Woods . . .’ a Biko b Mamphela Ramphele c Kruger d Fathe...
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