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CH13StudyFocus Questions - Megan Chertoff 1. According to...

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Megan Chertoff 1. According to James and cognitive-social theorists, our emotions are related to our interests. “Our interests create motives, and motives create goals.” Emotions only come into play only when we are trying to pursue our goals. For example, if I am trying to go for a jog outside and as I open the front door it begins to rain, because the rain is preventing me from achieving my goal of running, I may feel frustrated and upset. 2. Suggesting that basic emotions exist, Elkman showed that human facial expressions are universal by showing photos of Westerners to an isolated New Guinea tribe and having them identify the emotions expressed. He also proved that American and Japanese people display the same facial expression when watching stressful films. 3. The relationship between fear and memory is related to adrenaline, which is produced by the amygdala and affects memory formation. When this stress hormone was blocked in some subjects, the did not remember a scary film any better than a boring one. Paul Burkhart 4. According to James consciousness gives its bearer interests, turning survival into an “imperative decree.” Of all aspects of consciousness, emotions are the foremost creators of self-interest, and thus the will to survive. Emotions create motives. Without emotions
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CH13StudyFocus Questions - Megan Chertoff 1. According to...

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