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Question 1 True/False 1 points Pragmatism is a working philosophy that deals with the nature of human knowledge and its flaws. True False Question 2 True/False 1 points Cognition (or cognize) means to know. True False Question 3 True/False 1 points Perhaps the best model of realism is radical behaviorism. True False Question 4 True/False 1 points Descartes' answer to the mind-body problem was awkward and ultimately self-destructive. True False Question 5 True/False 1 points William James was a supporter of the automaton theory. True False Question 6 True/False 1 points Brentano would suggest that all aspects of thinking could be understood as simple stimulus- response patterns.
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Unformatted text preview: True False Question 7 True/False 1 points According to self perception theory, the best way to understand ourselves is through observing our own behaviors. True False Question 8 True/False 1 points The point of Ebbinghaus developing nonsense syllables was to see how verbal learning occurred by increasing experimental control. True False Question 9 True/False 1 points Bem's model, the self perception theory, and Nesbitt and Wilson's, information processing model, are at exact opposite ends of the spectrum in explaining how we know ourselves. True False Question 10 True/False 1 points Sometimes being self-aware interferes with decision making and can be undesirable. True False...
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410_Quiz_1 - True False Question 7 True/False 1 points...

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