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1. Functionalism is best described with the analogy that states that “mind is to body as program is to computer.” A computer program contains massive amounts of information that controls the computer. In the same way, one might say that the human mind is the storehouse of information that controls a person’s body. With the symbol-system hypothesis, knowledge or intelligence of any kind “…consists of the manipulation of symbols by computational rules” (32). Thus, the rules that are stored in either the mind or computer program are manipulated into the symbols that characterize either the body or the computer since organisms and computers are fundamentally the same according to functionalism. 2. In the symbol-system hypothesis, it is believed that the “device” is unimportant until implementation because up until that point it does not matter what the device is as long as it is capable of doing the desired function. It is when the device is
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Unformatted text preview: actually implemented that the desired function of that device is taken into account to insure the desired outcome. For example, a set of computer codes could mean completely things when entered in to an Apple computer or an IBM. 3. With algorithms assuming that a certain set of procedures is followed, an outcome is guaranteed. However with heuristics, even if specific procedures are followed, a specific outcome cannot be guaranteed; rather the desired solution is guided towards. Algorithms are best known in the world of mathematics because regardless of how the numbers are moved around, a 5 will always equal 5 and 3 will always equal 3. 5 + 3 will always equal 8 because the procedure of addition guarantees this. However, with games of strategy or sports, simply being very good, or possessing a certain amount of skill can never guarantee a victory, because regardless how well you play the game, your opponent’s skill level could undermine your win....
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