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Unformatted text preview: ssume that the average is an A‐; if you had a high scoring A and a relatively high B+ you could still receive an A overall). Extra Credit: You may participate in psychology research studies to earn extra credit. To participate in these studies, you will need to sign up using the Psychology experiment system. Each hour of participation in a research study will increase your final grade by .5%. You may earn a maximum of 2 extra‐credit points. Extra credit opportunities are not guaranteed. The purpose of this extra credit is to recognize the efforts of students who lend a hand to ongoing experiments in the Psychology department. However, the Psychology experiment system does offer the possibility of writing a paper instead of participating in an experiment. See the SONA systems administrator if you want to pursue this option, but do so before the end of the quarter. Information about Sona systems can be found at: http://ucdavis.sona‐ Class Etiquette: While you are in class, you are expected to be present: turn off your cell phones and internet connections. Do not come to class if you need to be doing something else. When you come to class, expect to be in the classroom for the entire class duration. If you need to leave early or arrive late due to unusual circumstances, sit in a location that minimizes disruption. You are expected to attend class and take responsibility for learning the material. If you do not understand something fully, you should contact the instructor or TA for help....
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