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Unformatted text preview: curve in the grade distribution, but only in an upward direction depending on how the class section does. Grades will NOT be based on a competitive curve between individuals. If everyone does well, I am happy to give everyone an A. If you are concerned about your performance in the class, please contact me or the TA as soon as possible. It is much easier to deal with a problem before an exam or the end of the quarter than afterward. Please do not email me at the end of the quarter telling me about some horrible thing that will happen if you do not get a certain grade in this class. I cannot do anything for you at that point. The TA and I are happy to help you during the quarter to improve performance on future exams. Exam format: All exams will be multiple choice. Bring a scantron sheet to each exam. Exam questions will be drawn from both the book and the lecture, with an emphasis on material covered in lecture. Your grade on each exam is a number (not a letter grade). The final grade is calculated from the average of exam grades (according to the formula above). If we provide a letter grade for each midterm exam, please keep in mind that these letter grades are ESTIMATES of your grade (e.g., you cannot average two letter grades A and B+ together and automatically a...
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