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Unformatted text preview: c. Two copies of the textbook are on reserve in the library. There are also options to purchase electronic versions of the book or rent the book – check the publisher cite. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an introduction to sensation and perception. The brain processes huge amounts of data‐‐ more than any camera or machine can handle‐‐and yet we seem to perceive the world effortlessly. How does the brain handle all this information and what do we actually perceive from the external world? Why does the moon look bigger when it is on the horizon? Why is it hard to see when you first walk into a dark room? Why don’t we sometimes fail to “see” things when driving? What causes color blindness? This course will address such questions and many others. Grading: Grades will be based 4 exams (3 midterms, 1 cumulative final). All exams are worth 100 points. The lowest of the 4 exam scores will be dropped. I encourage you to treat the 3 midterms as being obligatory and the final as being a safety net (e.g., if a true emergency occurs preventing you from taking one midterm). NO makeup exams will be granted under any circumstances. Here is the grade breakdown: The MEAN of your 3 highest exam scores / 100 = Total grade (out of 100 %) There may be a...
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