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Chapter 3 WWDNU Group 6

Chapter 3 WWDNU Group 6 - for various aims It seems like...

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First and foremost, one thing we didn’t understand the interplay between extinction, spontaneous recovery, and inhibition. When do each of those actually occur, why do they, and can you predict which one will come about. This chapter surprisingly enough was easier to understand than the previous two. There were many things we found interesting including the vast number of possible things, psychologists have done over the years to the original ideas of UCSs, UCRs, CSs, and CRs; presenting them at various times, in various situations, to various creatures, and
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Unformatted text preview: for various aims. It seems like every possible thing has been done, and it has brought about many important psychological findings, such as the preference of distributed practice over spaced practice. Another thing we found really interesting was the power of the conscious adult mind. The ability for adults not to be very prone to Pavlovian conditioning is true testament to the power of the mature human mind....
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