American Studies 201 (November 22 2006)

American Studies 201 (November 22 2006) - November 22, 2006...

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November 22, 2006 Jackie Robinson and the American Dilemma One of the ways our view of race has been framed is through our reading of sports Jackie Robinson’s integration into baseball has become a symbol of racial integration in general. Through sports, Robinson was able to change the attitude of society. History of Blacks in Baseball -In the beginning blacks were banned and any team that had blacks were banned -American League adopted segregation in the late 19 th century ->Bud Fowler was the first black baseball player in 1872-1877 “He is one of the best players in the country and if he would have had a white face, he would have been playing in the big leagues” –Supporter ->Bud played 2 nd base and white players always tried to cheat ->released from his team, even though he was really good -1880’s the league excluded blacks more and more ->If blacks did play in the leagues they said they were Cuban ->They would even speak fake languages to convince others they were Cuban -By 20 th century there were black leagues that had all black audiences ->no money, rented space at white parks but not allowed to shower their -The segregation of society paralleled that in sports Satchel Paige -Most famous player in the African American leagues ->quotable, charming, brash, and confident
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American Studies 201 (November 22 2006) - November 22, 2006...

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