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Study Focus Answers Group 6 Me gan Cherto ff (Questions 1-3 ) 1. Identify and explain the five main levels of representation involved in discourse comprehension . (p.230) Five main levels of representation in discourse comprehension: a. surface code – actual sequence of words b. propositional textbase – construction of the basic meaning in propositional form c. referential situation model – comprises the knowledge structures necessary to interpret discourse d. pragmatic communication level – involves the interpretation of the use or possibly the violation of pragmatic constraints. e. text genre – involves the consideration of the type of text that the discourse is 2. What does the term textbase comprehension mean? Please give an example. (p.231) Text base comprehension means that when we are comprehending information, we are simultaneously processing linguistic information, being guided by data driven processes of the words, and forming hypotheses. Because all of these parts of comprehension are occurring at the same time, it may sometimes be difficult to remember which pieces of information were taken in first. For example, if you are reading about a camping trip in which the campers went hiking and fishing, you may not specifically remember which they did first or if the went fishing while on a hike. 3. Describe the factor of theme of material as being helpful in determining how the situation model is constructed. Please give an example. (p.232-233) Theme of material is helpful in determining how the situation model is constructed because it provides a framework for the reader to organize his/her expectations of the learned material. For example, if you were only given the phrase “she inhaled the fragrant steam.” You would not know whether the girl was drinking a cup of coffee, getting a facial at a spa, or eating a pot roast dinner. Paul Burkhart
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GROUP06CH8SF - Study Focus Answers Group 6 Megan Chertoff...

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