SFCH10 - Questions 1 3 Megan Chertoff 1. According to...

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Questions 1 – 3 Megan Chertoff 1. According to Piaget, the most important thing to focus on would be developing the girl’s logico-mathematical knowledge. This would be the most effective because it is based around what she has already experienced, and from there, equilibration can be achieved which is most important in intellectual development. The least effective strategy from this perspective would be to simply expect a child to learn something w/o any type of experience. 2. From an information processing perspective, the best technique would be to focus on domain-specific restructuring through the application of familiar schema to new domain and Socratic dialogue. The least effective strategy would be to use a Piagetian approach. 3. In order to test the child’s cognitive abilities, one might ask the child to determine which of two differently shaped containers each containing equal amounts of water appeared to hold more. I agree that this would be an effective assessment because by this age, the child’s operation systems should be able to coordinate into logical systems. This is especially true if the child is able to see from the beginning that the amounts of water in each container are equal. Questions 4 – 6 Paul Burkhart 4. Why is inner-directed development a challenge to psychologists? What was Aristotle’s view of development? (p. 287) It is a challenge because psychologists cannot see its changes, because they lie within an organism. Aristotle envisioned the development of any living being as the unfolding of a preexisting plan of development called an entelechy. 5.
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SFCH10 - Questions 1 3 Megan Chertoff 1. According to...

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