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Unformatted text preview: 4.) Why is inner-directed development a challenge to psychologists? What was Aristotle’s view of development? (p. 287) It is a challenge because psychologists cannot see its changes, because they lie within an organism. Aristotle envisioned the development of any living being as the unfolding of a preexisting plan of development called an entelechy. 5.) You are a health psychologist called in for a consultation with the parents of a four- year-old girl who has cancer. She is in dire need of treatment for the disease, but her parents say medical treatment is immoral because it interferes with the natural plan. Operating from Kohlberg’s perspective (p. 2 narrative, p. 304 book), what things might you try to change their level of moral reasoning? Would you expect your efforts to be successful? Why or why not? Put them in a group setting and discuss similar issues with the group. This discussion of moral issues, will have the parents begin seeing their situation influenced by the others’...
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