Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Progress before birth Prenatal...

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Chapter 11 Progress before birth: Prenatal Development o Prenatal development proceeds through the germinal, embryonic and fetal stages as the zygote is differentiated into a human organism. The embryonic stage is a period of great vulnerability as most physiological structures are being formed o Maternal malnutrition during the prenatal period has been linked to birth complications and other subsequent problems. Maternal drug use can be dangerous to the fetus, although risks depend on the drug used the dose and phase of prenatal development o Fetal alcohol Syndrome is a collection of congenital problems caused by a mothers excessive alcohol use during pregnancy. A variety of maternal illnesses can interfere with prenatal development. Many problems can be avoided if expectant mothers have access to good health care. The Wondrous Years of Childhood o Motor development follows cephalocaudal [head to foot] and proximodistal (center to outward) trends and depends in part on physical growth which appears to be more uneven than previously appreciated. o Early motor development depends on both maturation and learning. Developmental norms for motor skills and other types of development are only group averages and parents should not be alarmed if their children’s progress does not match these norms exactly. Cultural variations in the pacing of motor development demonstrate the importance of learning. o
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Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Progress before birth Prenatal...

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