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Adam smith reading - The birth date of Adam Smith is...

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The birth date of Adam Smith is unknown. However, historians refer to the day he got baptized as his birthday which is June 5 th , 1723. He was born in Fife, Scotland and six months before his birth his father, by the same name, died. Therefore, Smith became very close with his mother, Margret Douglas. He was committed to his mother and so he never got married and spent the last fifteen years with her and his cousin. At the age of four, Smith was captured by a band of traveling gypsies only to be later returned to his mother by his uncle. Ten years later he attended the University of Glasgow in Scotland. His moral philosophy teacher, Francis Hutcheson, who was a founding father of the Scottish Enlightenment, became Smith’s first philosophical influence. He became very dedicated to the study of liberty, reason, and free speech. In June 1740, Smith accepted a scholarship to Balliol College at Oxford. However, he didn’t feel he was learning much and that his teachers didn’t care to teach. So in 1746 Smith left the college before his scholarship ran out. He then spent many years lecturing in Scotland and in 1750 he met David Hume a Scottish philosopher like himself. The two became close friends despite their age difference of over ten years. They share similar views in rhetoric, jurisprudence or philosophical law, and political economy. Their
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Adam smith reading - The birth date of Adam Smith is...

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