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Greg Whipple E. Aronstein Section 121 Napoleon Bonaparte: The Definition of a Leader What is a leader? By definition, a leader is a person who rules or guides or inspires others ( In the late 18 th century, the French people were looking for just that; a leader. After a ten year period of unsuccessful revolutions, a military-minded man from Corsica, France, rose to power. His name was Napoleon Bonaparte. He was considered to be one of the most influential leaders in world history. Many considered him to be a successful revolutionary politician, while others believed he destroyed the European society in the early 1800s. However, no historian can deny that Napoleon led the French people out of ten years of bloody, unsuccessful, revolutions. From 1785 till the end of his reign as Emperor, Napoleon led many military forces against revolutionary uprisings and foreign invasions. In 1796, he led a successful invasion in Italy, where he was deemed the name, “the little corporal”; he was also highly respected among his soldiers because he was a rare general who fought alongside them in battle. By this time, Napoleon had gained a lot of power to the point that the Directory, the leading
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political leaders in France from 1795 to 1799, had little to no control over Napoleon’s ambitions. So in 1798, against the Directory’s wishes, Bonaparte led troops into military campaigns
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Napoleon2 - Greg Whipple E. Aronstein Section 121 Napoleon...

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