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Daniel Crowley Introduction to Sociology Fifth Writing Assignment October 24, 2007 Cohabitation is a term that refers to a couple living together in a sexual relationship without being married. In Western societies, this has become increasingly widespread compared to just a few decades ago. Even up until the 1970’s, cohabitation was seen as scandalous and was not looked upon as a positive in society. But now, it is seen as either a testing ground for marriage, a long-term alternative to marriage, or just another way of being single. Even Hollywood approves of cohabitation now compared to movies in the past. For example, The Breakup , features two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, cohabitating. In general, most cohabitating couples will
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Unformatted text preview: either get married or breakup within the first two years of living together. This movie portrays that idea perfectly. The two live in their luxurious condo together and have a brutal breakup very shortly. This film then goes even further into the problems of cohabitation. Neither Gary (Vince) nor Brooke (Jennifer) wants to move out of their beautiful condo. This turns into many other problems, which makes it a very great comedy. But if you really look at the meaning of this movie, it characterizes the idea of cohabitation to a great extent. In my opinion, it is a great idea to be a testing ground for marriage, but if things don’t work out like planned, it can get very ugly, as this movie will show (in a comical way)....
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