Of beef for 10s english money lamb is about five

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Unformatted text preview: can have 100 lbs. of Beef for 10s. English money. Lamb is about five farthings the pound, and the butcher brings it to your door. And as for the bullocks’ heads, sheep and lambs’, they are thrown away, no one will eat them. I went into the market yesterday at New York, and on the outside of the market there was bullocks’ and sheep and lambs’ heads laying underfoot like dogs’ meat. They cut the tongue, and throw the rest away. And I can go into a store, and have as much brandy as I like to drink for three half-pence and all other spirits in proportion. If a man like work he need not want victuals. It is a foolish idea that some people have, that there is too many people come here, it is quite the reverse; there was more than 1000 emigrants came in the day after I landed, and there is four ships have arrived since with emigrants. But there is plenty of room yet, and 40 45 50 55 60 65 will for a thousand years to come. My dear Sukey, all that I want now is to see you, and the dear children here, and then I shall...
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