Sociology-Seventh Writing Assignment

Sociology-Seventh Writing Assignment - Giving a rough...

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Daniel Crowley Introduction to Sociology Seventh Writing Assignment November 7, 2007 The freedom to live where on wants has always been an American concept. We want this to be a reality, but in some areas, it just isn’t. Is it because some minorities don’t have the money to live where middle-class whites do? Sometimes. Is it because minorities prefer living closer to and around other people of the same racial background? Sometimes. But those are things we cannot control. Another reason freedom of living where we want is not a reality is because of residential segregation. A very small example of residential segregation is in my own town of Glen Rock, New Jersey. Glen Rock’s population consists of about 80% whites. The white population is spread out throughout the entire town it seems except for one street. A street not very far from my own house, known as Broad Street, contains about 30 houses.
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Unformatted text preview: Giving a rough estimate, I would say that about 25 of those houses are full with black families. I thought that it was just coincidence. This was until I saw the slide in class and the picture in the reading of the flash cards with the different neighborhoods on them. Not to mention that the study proved whites definitely preferred living near whites, it also showed that blacks liked to live near other blacks as well. When I saw that slide, I immediately realized that maybe the reason that that one block consists of many black families from my town is because it borders a town known as Paterson, New Jersey which contains a higher black population than any other town in the county. Obviously this is not a definite reason, but my studies in sociology might have taught me a little more about my own town....
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Sociology-Seventh Writing Assignment - Giving a rough...

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