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Daniel Crowley Introduction to Sociology Eighth Writing Assignment November 14, 2007 Growing up is harder to do. The title of the reading could not portray my point any better. Using the traditional benchmarks, adulthood is defined as reaching the points of leaving home, finishing school, getting married, having a child, and being financially independent. It seems as if the road to adulthood as lengthened. For men at the age of 30 in 1960, 65% of this population had reached adulthood. In 2000, this same population of men at age 30 took a 34% decrease and split in half. It seems the same is true for women. Only 46% of women in 2000 were “adults” compared to 77% in 1960. Why is this? Honestly I’ll start off by saying I’m not a huge fan of this definition of adulthood. I don’t think one has to be married with children to be considered an adult. And if you are married and have children at age 20, are you an adult, or just immature?
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Unformatted text preview: Well it’s not my call to define the word. But I do have some thoughts on the topic. Compared to the 1960’s where way more people were considered adults, I think that the older generation babies the younger generation so that it is harder to become an adult in today’s world. Think back to stories you’ve heard in movies where an older man recalls stories of being beaten as a child. Honestly, I recall a spanking or a little soap in the mouth but that’s about it. I feel as if our generation is being “babied.” As a result of this, I think it is hard for us to branch out and be apart of the real world. This graph I described is the result of being treated differently as children, and finding it harder to accomplish the five benchmarks out there in the world today....
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