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Sociology-Third Writing Assignment

Sociology-Third Writing Assignment - might be seeing next...

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Daniel Crowley Introduction to Sociology Third Writing Assignment October 3, 2007 Many minority groups have managed to outlast open prejudice and discrimination in America. The blacks, the Irish, and many other groups escaped hostility and became successful in the United States. In my mind, the most outstanding example of a minority group outlasting prejudice and finding success in this country is the Asian Americans. Asian immigrants faced brutal discrimination less than 50 years ago but have turned their reputation into a good one. They have been referred to as the prime example of what minorities can achieve in the US. Johns Hopkins University is regarded as one of the best institutions in the entire world. Just taking one school as an example that is an extremely well known college. While applying to Johns Hopkins University and reading over on some of the things I
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Unformatted text preview: might be seeing next year, I saw that 22% of the student body was Asian. That was an interesting fact that certainly caught my eye, but it was something I looked passed. A couple of days later, my friend who now attends the University of Pennsylvania, was talking to me about colleges of his choice and said that the “UPenn” contained 18% Asians in its student body. Two of the best universities in the country had a high percentage of Asian students attending. This is no coincidence. Since the rise of the Asian American minority, they have acquired an extremely large amount of success in this country. The median income of Asian Americans has now increased so much so that it has surpassed the median income of Whites. It is amazing to see how much perseverance that Asian Americans have had and how much success it has brought them....
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