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-individualist culture.: culture with an T consciousness; individuals see themselves as loosely linked to each other and largely independent of group identification. -cpllectivist culture: culture that has a "we" consciousness; individuals see themselves as being closely linked to one or more groups and are primarily motivated by the norms and duties imposed by these groups. 25. How does culture influence nonverbal communication? -nonverbal communication can have many different interpretations and meanings in different cultures, (i.e. the American sign for okay, by using the thumb and index finger does not mean okay in all cultures) 26. Define language. -arbitrariness: although word origin is arbitrary, word usage is conventional. (Shakespeare came up with mamTnew words and some weqe kept and are still used today, but others did not catch on and are not real words now -representativeness: we assign meanings to words. These words merely represent things. J
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