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-reciprocity is also very important because the mutual, self-disclosure demonstrates that trust and risk taking are being shared. -cultural appropriateness: not all cultures value self-disclosure. Appropriate self-disclosure in one -: culture may not be appropriate in another culture. -situational appropriateness is important because public settings are not appropriate for private information. -incremental disclosure: gradually disclose personal information to another person and see whether it is reciprocated. 15, What is meant by the term "reciprocal sharing of information"? Why is it important? -both people in the conversation share some new information with each other. One-way self-disclosure leaves you vulnerable and the other person protected. 16. Define self-serving bias. -tendency to attribute our successful behavior to ourselves (personal traits) but to assign external circumstances (situations) to our unsuccessful behavior 17. What is the self-fulfiiiing prophecy? -if you think so, it will happen that way.
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