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s05 - GeorgeBaciu Q05: 19March2012 Quiz05: Intro ductio n...

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George Qui Intro This qui BFS and example http://w 1. Please r 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. First, yo construc insert or table. Th understa key distr perform example keys are by the w mean? 2. Graphs discrete graphs w also try navigati etc. If yo will kno vertices, some k There a about g book. Le Baciu iz 05: duction z will give yo d DFS and ap es in the note www.comp.p Hashing evise: Hash tables Hash functio Collisions Probing func Load facto effect Applications u should kno ct a hash tab r delete keys hen, you sho and the load ributions affe mance of hash e, what happ e clustered to way, what do Graphs A are the m structures i we understa y to make on, distance ou become f w how they , implemen key algorith are some m graphs in the et me know i Lectu n ou a chance pplications. P es and the la polyu.edu.hk/ ons ctions ors and th s ow how to ble and how t s from a hash ould ding factor an ect the h tables. For pens when th ogether. And oes “hashing” Algorithm most gener in the unive
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