Week 6 Key Terms

Week 6 Key Terms - Indians Assimilation Ignore/Violate...

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Week 6 Key Terms/Concepts: New Imperialism Berlin Congress 1884-1885 “Civilizing” the world American Expansionism U.S. Naval Bases (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Philippines) Spanish American War/“Splendid Little War” Teller Amendment 2 Front’s of the Spanish American War (p. 665) The Philippine War Economic Modernization in Philippines “White Man’s burden” “Empire of Liberty” (VIP!) (p. 668) Insular Cases (1901-1904) Anti-Imperialist League Open Door Policy (global) Liberal Internationalism U.S. in the Caribbean Panama Canal Roosevelt Corollary Dollar Diplomacy Moral Imperialism Mexican Revolution (1911-1916) Significance…(p. 724, last paragraph) Hunt Article: 3 Core ideas relevant to U.S. foreign affairs (VIP!) Racial Hierarchy (Who’s positioned where? Why?) Benjamin Franklin “Maintaining White Purity” “Those with the lightest skin were positioned on the highest rung” “Superior Peoples” “Blacks” position in hierarchy “Negro Question” Why justifying via. Race was appealing (VIP! p. 52)
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Unformatted text preview: Indians Assimilation Ignore/Violate Indian Treaties “Noble Savage”/Rise in racial hierarchy compared to the past…due to assimilation? Latinos “Black Legend” stereotypes Cubans 3 Images of Latin Americans (VIP! p. 62) Half-Breed Brute, Feminized Latin, Infantile and “often Negroid” U.S. as “policeman” of Western Hemisphere East Asia “Orientals” Dual images: a positive one and a negative one (p. 69) Nativism in the West vs. Chinese Critique of Chinese in America “Alien” Race Japanese Link Japanese Racism to Chinese Racism Anglo-Saxonism “Trans-Atlantic tie” Social Darwinism To maintain solidarity amongst other Anglos Intervention: Hawaii and Philippines Views of native populations, facilitates reasoning to control? “Americans used race to build protective walls against the threatening strangeness of other people…” Race as a means to understand and categorize other peoples, used as a fundamental basis for judging them…(p. 91)...
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Week 6 Key Terms - Indians Assimilation Ignore/Violate...

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