Week 5 Key Terms

Week 5 Key Terms - New Mexico Communal villages/lifestyle...

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Week 5 Key Terms/Concepts: -Transformation of the West -“Safety Valve” -Commercial farming -Middle Border farming -California Large Scale Agriculture -Southern Pacific Railroad -Corporate West -Plains Indians “Destroy the foundations of Indian economy” -Nez Perce’ -Chief Joseph -Indian reservations -“Civilize” Indians -Ghost Dance Wounded Knee Deutsche Article:
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Unformatted text preview: New Mexico Communal villages/lifestyle Varied production Ricos Hispanic lack of capital Growth of Railroads Sheep industry Anglo vision of land ownership Extension of credit Resistance or Accomodation? Gorras Blancas/White Caps Ricos (again) Mining industry Colorado Seasonal Wage labor/Migration for work Sugar-beet labor Hispanic “flaws in character”...
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