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White Supremacy The Turn America might have taken during the depression. African Americans recognized the problem jews were facing abroad because they felt it could happen to them. Black shirt fascists linked race and politics. Believed Af. Am. Belonged on farm. “Any man, white or black, is entitled to hold a job to earn a living”. Ridiculed the business class, and political leaders. Blacks look to Germany to see what was in store for them. Troubling reports came back.
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Unformatted text preview: Horace Katen stood aghast at the Seig Hail. African Americans watched in horror, and joined jews to come up with anti-fascist stuff. Prior to Nazi take over, Jews had full civil rights, while Af. Am’s lived under persecution for three decades prior to hitler’s take over. Jews relation to the Nazis was a reversal of the southern case. The Jew, might not be recognized. Congress pursued more than 100 fascist organizations....
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