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Eleanor Roosevelt Operated as a political power because of her husband. Everyone knew that the relationship between FDR and ER was strained. Gave FDR a moral compass Gave FDR focus FDR understood and depended upon ER. After his illness and travel with great difficult. ER gave FDR dependable eyes and ears. Eleanor gave FDR a foil. A chance to appeal to the most impoverished How was the Personal Political for Eleanor Roosevelt? In other words what was it about her upbringing and marriage that equipped her to become the most politically powerful woman in the 20 th century? While Teddy was doing well in Harvard, riding the range, he left home a younger brother, Elliot Roosevelt. Elliot, was replaced by TR, as the favorite son. Elliot Roosevelt had medical problems, began drinking. Married Anna hall, their first child was Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. Elliot became an alcoholic and addicted to morphine. When Eleanor was 7, her mom contracted a disease. Elliot was exiled. In 1904, Elliot killed himself.
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