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Class Notes 3:25

Class Notes 3:25 - Soil Conservation Act-Teach farmers to...

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The Dust Bowl Woody Guthrie- Born in Oklahoma. When the Dust Bowl struck he lived in Texas, and headed west to California to look for work. Landed a radio show and billed himself as the singing cowboy. Took up a social cause and perform at migrant camps and picket lines. My 1939 he was leading groups of strikers in the cotton strike. Didn’t see himself aligned with one group. He felt he looked into the lost and hungry faces of the displaced/dispossessed. The Dust Bowl-If the great depression strike the wrath of god, then the dust bowl was an apocalypse. Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas. Prior to WWI used mostly for grazing, but high grain prices enticed to plow acres of wheat. Uprooted prairie grass created loose top soil. 200 tons of top soil blew across the plains (more than panama canal dirt dug up).
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Unformatted text preview: Soil Conservation Act-Teach farmers to keep soil from not blowing away. Associated Farmers Organization used terrible techniques to break up the strikes by being vigilantes, deportation, etc. Dorthea Lang-Takes pictures of the migrant camps. Mcwilliams is made after the head of the division of immigration and housing. The Grapes of Wrath-published in 1939, made a movie in by John Ford in 1940. The Joads-are not part of the multicultural labor movement Joads represents good, white American stock. There is way that the Americanism of the joads mask the complexities of the stuff going on on the ground. Connection between Dust Bowl and Depression-Both produced by the same society. One produced by geological and one by economic....
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