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class notes 2:7

class notes 2:7 - 1 why did black southerners seek their...

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1) why did black southerners seek their future in the north? 2) where did they go? 3) What forms did anti-immigration and anti-black immigration take place? Black Southerners in the North Spiritual Emancipation 1895-1910 After WWI After WWII 1910s-1920s 1 million African American left for the north, 16000 people per month. The migrant trail moved along the east coast. Migration expanded to places like Chicago and Detroit. People would follow Mississippi river up north: Memphis-St. Louis- Chicago. Moved both individually and families. Traveled by carriage, cars, trains, and boats. Chicago black population grow over 100 percent. Detroit grew 600 percent. Pull factor was the out break of WWI. Despite nations neutrality, factories stepped up production to help Britain and France. Pulled millions of white workers out of the factories, opening up jobs in the north. Labor factors: white working men who stayed pressed for better working conditions.
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