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class notes 2:5 - Overview of the 1920s Questions What...

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Overview of the 1920s Questions What happened to politics in the turbulent aftermath of World War I? How do we account for republican control of the federal government in the 1920s How did cultural issues become political issues? What accounted for the prosperity of the 1920 and how did that prosperity obscure warning signs of the depression? How did the businessman-criticized in the progressive era-become a revered figure in the 1920s? Republican Candidate-Warren G. Harding-invented the word normalcy. Editor of hometown newspaper. Not a very smart man but married a smart woman. He might have had African American blood in him. Not a great senator, absent half the time he was in congress. Had a mistress and illegitimate daughter. Once President, he floundered. “I am a man of limited talents”. Spent most his days playing poker. Drank even after prohibition. Harding dies in office in 1923 of an aneurism. Two big scandals- head of veterans bureau-he was commandeering hospital supplies. Secretary of the interior-Albert Fall-secretly leased the oil and gas rights to the oil industry and pocketed the bribes. First cabinet member to be sent to jail. Rumor is Wife poisoned him after learning about his affairs. After Harding dies, Calvin Coolidge becomes President. Coolidge never said anything and believed in the smallest government possible. Historians now think he was depressed
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class notes 2:5 - Overview of the 1920s Questions What...

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