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Red Summers, Red Scares 1919 season of riots and racial massacres. More than 70 African Americans lynched. 35 riots occurred throughout the country. Whites going into black sections of town, attack black people in mass. African Americans fight back, different from past riots. Labor unrest Social upheaval How does the war serve as an opportunity to shake up the existing social order open up new methods and structures at homes? How is it a mechanism of social upheaval? People started calling them Bolsheviks. Turned war oppressive mechanisms against workers. Communists thought those you lived on the labor of workers should be turned over? 34 bombs are discovered by mail workers addressed to government officials: supreme court justices, attorney general. US raids wannabe Russian embassy. Raid IWW. Invent General Intelligence Agency (headed by J. Edgar Hoover)
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Unformatted text preview: Called the Palmer Raids. Citizens were alarmed that the aliens who started some riots were not deported. The Alien Acts-eliminated numerous civil liberties for foreigners. 562 deported-nearly all members of the communist party. War-time patriotic societies National Association of Manufacturers-unionism with Bolshevikism Wilson had a stroke in October 1919. Communists were planning revolution for May Day but it never took place. That was one of the reasons for the red scare. The no go revolution took some of the steam out of the red scare. Ebb in 1920 Hurts organized labor, even the AFL who opposed radicals. Unions lost a quarter of their membership. Sots in this country were branded as communist. ACLU founded in response to the egregious violation of Civil Liberties. Those who proposed change could be seen as Bolshevik....
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