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Class Notes 1:24 - The War at Home Lucricia Mott...

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The War at Home Lucricia Mott amendment-men and women will have equal rights in the US and US sanctioned areas. Rename this to the Alice Paul Amendment. Equality of rights under the law should not be denied under the US or under jurisdiction of US regarding sex. “Patriotic murder” “a war among ourselves” Changes in entering a World War at home. 1) What are the limits of dissent before a war? 2) What are the links between domestic reform and foreign policy? a. Does war stop reform? 3) What are the strategies for preserving the rights we uphold? a. Did WWI end progressivism? Limits of protest and dissent Before war-peace movement. Feminist first to declare opposition-peace parade 1500 women wearing black marched down 5 th ave. marked a transformation from male, stuffy, into the streets. Jane Adams-founded Hull House in Chicago. NWP-held up banner-“president Wilson is deceiving the world….has opposed those who demand democracy in America….The world will find him out” Class war-feared eastern financial interests promoted conspiracy against common people. War means autocracy-Wilson.
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Class Notes 1:24 - The War at Home Lucricia Mott...

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