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class notes 1:22 - Revitalization 1910-1918 8 reason for...

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Revitalization 1910-1918 8 reason for success (Sort of ) 1) Municipal housekeeping argument a. woman because of their role in homemaking, are suited to “clean up” government” b. asking for the ballot. c. NAOWS (national organization oppose to woman’s suffrage)-liquor dealers, textile owners-coalition against woman’s right to vote. i. Textile manufacture against right to vote because woman make up major labor source. Did not women voting for shorter days, higher wages. “if women could be this troublesome, imagine what they would be like if they could vote” 2) Education a. Public education b. Better education c. Informed 3) Male progressives note empowered allies. 4) Local urban activisim a. Replaces ideological national movement i. Go door to door campaigning ii. Lobbying for suffrage iii. Tightly organized. 5) Careful organization in the states. a. Figuring out strategies and organization b. Think they can win by adding states c. Steady march forward 6) Tactics from Britain: highly visible and militant stage. a. NWP (national women’s parties). i. An in your face party. ii. Contrasts NAWSA. Divisions and vigor 1913-presidential inaugurations-wilson arrives, no crowd there to greet him. Everyone watching women march. The show of strength (5000 people) Ida B Wells Ida B Wells- dies before Brown v. Board. She was forbidden to march and jumped into the Illinois group. Angering white women.
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class notes 1:22 - Revitalization 1910-1918 8 reason for...

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