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Claire Frederick February 20, 2008 English 102-26 The Words to Save If I had to save any words from being taken away they would have to be wrong, right, and family. These three words can go hand in hand but also can take on their own meanings individually. The first word I would like to talk about is wrong. I like this word because it can stand for two things. It can either mean what you said or did was incorrect or it was morally wrong for you to say or do something. If I kept this word in the world from being thrown out, it would have to retain both meanings. This would also allow the world to get rid of such words as laws and rules and it maintains a certain order in society. I don’t want them to have total control, but I also don’t want everyone running wild and killing people. The second word I would need in my language is right. This also has the opposite meaning of wrong. You did said or did something correctly, and also doing or saying something morally correct. The great thing about right is it has a third meaning. You
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