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Unformatted text preview: ( )( ) ( )( ) Use the Formula 15 and 16 in the reference sheet: () ( * ( ( *) ( ( *) (34 points) 3. A second order system has the following pole-zero chart (assume unit gain in DC): 5 jω X 2j σ -2 X -2j (a) (12 points) Determine the type of damping this system has (e.g. un-damped, underdamped, critically damped or over-damped) and explain why. (b) (12 points) Determine the percent overshoot, the peak time and the settling time for a unit step response. (c) (10 points) Determine the steady state error. (d) (10 points extra credit) Determine the system response when the numerator is Y(s) = 16s+8 Solution: (a) Since the system has two complex conjugate poles, it is an underdamped system. Alternate method: We compare this to the standard form of a second orde...
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