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Tracey Kidder, a Harvard graduate, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of New York Times Bestseller, Mountains Beyond Mountains (2003), presents a very astonishing story of Dr. Paul Farmer, “a man on a quest to cure the world.” Kidder introduces the story of Farmer’s achievements and experiences as a doctor, who strives for curing the poor of Haiti. Kidder obtains his information through his travels with Farmer and through the study of his books. In Mountains Beyond Mountains , Kidder argues that individuals, who have the means to contribute to the less fortunate, should do so. Kidder illustrates this argument throughout the text with the use of quotes and real life circumstances from the book. In this essay I will be describing Tracy Kidder’s project in Mountains Beyond Mountains . My project in this essay will be analyzing Kidder’s argument and the relationship it has with articles written by Peter Singer and Jeffrey D. Sachs. I will illustrate connections made between Mountains Beyond Mountains and the two articles, and how they relate to the issue of health care and social justice. The significance of this essay is important because it recognizes and focuses on poverty stricken countries that America is somewhat blind to. Throughout the book, Kidder makes an appeal to the people reading his
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MBM Essay - Tracey Kidder, a Harvard graduate, Pulitzer...

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